Sunday, August 7, 2011

Team What SUP take 1st in 2.5 mile race

What sup team riders Ron Gossard and Dawn Ehman both take 1st place in the SUP Annapolis 2nd annual stand up paddle race in the 2.5 mile race.  What SUP stand up paddle is located in Ocean city, MD.

Also from Ocean city md. Sandy Deely took 3rd in the men's 14 foot board elite 5 mile and Beth Deely captured 2nd in the 12'6" women's elite 5 miler.

More than 60 paddlers participated on Sunday in a race hosted by SUP Annapolis as the widely growing water sport catches on locally.
When Patch talked to Ben Butterwei of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Annapolis last year, he predicted their races would only get "bigger and bigger." This year's stand up paddle race on Sunday more than doubled its 30 participants from last year—a sign that local interest in the water sport is growing.
The waters surrounding Deep Creek Restaurant in Arnold were filled with paddlers standing on their boards Sunday. Stand up paddle boarding is not new, with origins in coastal and beach communities, especially on the west coast and Hawaii. The wave has made it locally to creeks and rivers along the Chesapeake Bay as more recreational and competitive paddlers spread the word.
Hand carved trophies were given to all
the winners of the race.

Ron Gossard heading toward the finish line.  He could use a more up to date PFD

Dawn Ehman and Ron Gossard holding trophies at the race after party at Deep Creek Restaurant in Arnold MD

Beth Deely finishing up the 5 mile race.

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