Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida

Last week was the 37th annual Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. Vendors from all over the world come to display their latest products for 2012 in the Surf Industry. You see everything from surfboards and skateboards to clothing and sun tan lotion. This year the SUP(Stand Up Paddle board) displays were there in masses like never before.  A pool was set up to show how the boards really worked when in the water.  You saw everything from Yoga moves on the boards to turning moves.  
2012 proves to be an exciting year for the SUP industry as every company is getting more in tune with the products they are using to create the boards for speed and durability.  There was an amazing number of different style of boards-entry level, cruising, racing, high performance surf, inflatable, and fishing SUPS along with the various paddles and accessories to go along with them.  
WHAT SUP stand up paddle of Ocean city, MD ( hopes to see their customers trying out all the various equipment to see what they find fits their needs and they can use to have the most FUN on the water.

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