Friday, March 9, 2012

Riviera Voyager 12'6"

Riviera 12'6" Voyager
Riviera really nailed it on this one.  It is the perfect beginner flat water board.  I think this is the way the industry is turning to accommodate the flat water paddler that isn't interested in surfing pipeline or standing on the podium at the Battle of the Paddle.  This is the perfect board for the person that just likes to paddle.  Great for rivers, lakes, flat water and slight chop.   Basically this race board/touring shape allows the board to paddle better, faster and glide more than the traditional surf style SUP board.  
A big problem with most of these shapes is that most of the time someone new to paddling doesn't want to drop the 1,900-3,500 bucks on a race board.  This board fills that gap.  It retails for around $1,100 which is an excellent price for a board this shape and quality.  They made it super stable at 31-1/2" with a thickness of 5-1/4".  It has a cutting bow with a little more forgiveness in the shape of the nose.  The length is 12'6", so someone that wants to get into racing or the challenge of the longer paddles has a great opportunity with this size.  Another great feature is the 14 tiedown points in the nose and tail.  Perfect for extra gear, food, etc for those long paddles or day trips and with a volume of 275.6L it will hold extra gear or the heavier paddler.   Comes in a Blue, Yellow and green, traction pad and handle and weighs in at around 30Lbs.   Bottom line is if you are a beginner or a person that is only going to paddle flat water then this is the perfect solution.  The price is reasonable and in my opinion it is the best touring board for the buck.

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