Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Native Living Custum Paddles

Native Living custum paddles To order Click here

 These carbon paddles are hand made by Alex in Hawaii and crafted individually with the finest materials to provide the best paddle on the market.  Whether racing, surfing or touring this paddle is the go to paddle of many great athletes and everyday chargers that want a light weight, strong versatile paddle.

The NLC paddles are designed with a detachable blade for ease of travel but also to switch out different blades for different activities.  You may use a smaller blade for surfing as you do for racing or just want to try different sizes until you find that go to blade.

The race blades are made of wiliwili wood with carbon strips to give it the strength that it needs but also keeping it very light.  The race paddle weighs in at 16oz. or less depending on the length.

For more information on Native living custum paddles contact Ron@what-supoc.com or to order visit www.whatsupoc.com
Watch a NLC video below

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